Dharani International Skills Development Organization (Short name: Dharaniskills) is a Partnership Business Firm under the provision of the Indian Partnership Act,1932 or any other Partnership Law in force from time to time shall govern its Partnership in respect of all the matters not specifically covered by the Partnership Deed dated 17th August, 2017. It focuses on providing e-literacy and ICT awareness to the students of the underprivileged sections. We have touched the lives of over 2000 students since the time the initiative took form.

    The main activity of the Partnership business shall be in the sector of I.C.T./ I.T. / Education / NSDC Skills through Training- Development and Consultancy Services &  to establish of Vocational / Digital / Entrepreneurship Skill Schools & Training Centers and allied Social Development Income Generating activities etc. for the benefit of individuals and organizations or any other allied activities or any other business as mutually agreed upon.

    The reaching of e-literacy, e-education & training, I.C.T. and I.T. is a far dream of Rural people, The technical expertise, knowledge and its services are not yet reached the rural people. Governments are coming out with schemes which are increasingly pro digital, and require people to be well versed with computer, mobile and Internet and to be able to extract maximum benefits from the same. Computer education is no longer part of the curriculum in Government schools. There is also no infrastructure to support computer education. Add to it, the shortage of manpower in the government schools/colleges where the teachers are already burdened and we see a huge void. The school only focuses on the mandatory subjects prescribed by the Government. 

    As a result, students pass out of school/ college without knowing even basics about computer knowledge in all Government Sector Schools / Colleges. With this motive in mind that the creation of Dharani International Skills Development Organization took shape and there are hardly any providers. 

    Hence, the mobile education concept is a first of its kind an innovative idea to reach thousands of Rural Children for imparting Computer education, Digital Literacy and Soft Skills / Life Skills trainings at their door step which is a tool to enhance their knowledge considerably through audio, video visual connectivity and to establish Computer & Communication Skills Training Lab at Mandal Headquarters. We understand that every child has the potential to shine. All they need is a little boost up & support and they will carve their own space.

    The importance of Education Technology does not just lie with the power it has to bring down costs and engage learners in new and innovative ways.It is also about the way in which it can equalize standards and enable access for all, resulting in the democratization of education. Online platforms, mobile applications and new learning formats will massively improve to the access to education, as well as enhancing the learning process itself, while online and Cloud technologies bring with them exciting standardisation possibilities for content. The knowledge economy that we invest in for our children via the schools system and right through to higher education and on-going, professional development and training is a fundamental support to the rest of our economic lives. Without it we lose our ability to develop skilled workers, build competitive advantages as nations and generate growth. No one is working and we are the whole and sole educator in our operational areas. Hence,it is our intervention to increase the knowledge with Skills Training among Rural people at their door step services..


    At present, Dharani International Skills Development Organization is working in colloboration with one of the reputed and recognized NGO i.e. Panchavati Rural Development Society (Panchavati), Regd.No.4586/94, dt.19-09-1994 among the Rural villages, Government Schools and Colleges to identify the inherent talent of the personnel who wants to become future Trainer of the Trainer, Skilled Person and a“Computer Science Faculty